"Why the New Guy goes first..."

Alrighty, folks. I’m gonna say straight off the bat that I’m still an amateur at this, and I’m still getting the hang of Posing in Gmod. I don’t use GIMP or PS (I have Photoshop, though). Yet. For now, I’m experimenting with Gmod Post-Processing. I’ll get better, but right now I’ve got no illusions as to what this must look like to you guys. It’s the best one I’ve done yet, but still… Anyway, what I’m asking from you guys is some simple Comments/Criticism. I need it, lest my skills cease to improve.
Thank you in advance.

A little bit too bright?

Duly noted.

Oh, and those are NOT NPCs. Just wanted to clarify. I have never, and will never, use fucking NPCs in any image I make.

looks good, angel could be better though

Posing is really good for a amateur, Keep it up and try to learn how to use photo shop.

I like the posing, just also realise that when someone is hit with anything, they are blown back. So maybe you should push him back a little bit, as if alot of force was applied to him.

Just joined the military. I have a bright future in it. This is my first… AAARRGH.

Nice pic. A lot of blood there, but it works.

I thought I had. Notice the arms and foot up? I agree with H3llfire, though, you can’t really see it for the angle (many laughs to chesty, by the way). Or are you suggesting even more knockback?

Thank you very much, and I will. I noticed Vman has a pretty sweet tutorial for GIMP, perhaps some of the same concepts apply here.

Again, thanks. The reason there’s a lot of blood is because I was using a Gmod emitter at the time. Not that I’m trying to defend myself or anything, I realize that using better blood effects will come with my learning PS. Also, I see you enjoy LFG, too.

Thank you all for commenting. I will try and take your suggestions to heart, and hopefully will become a regular decent contributor to the screenshot board.