Why the people who enter to my server don't download all addons and files?

Why the people who enter to my server don’t download all addons and files?

What I must do to download all the necessary files when a player join the server?

Thanks for all.

Have you added the files with this?



I am using

for k, v in pairs( _file.Find("…/npc/combine_soldier/vo/*.wav") ) do

for k, v in pairs( _file.Find("…/npc/metropolice/vo/*.wav") ) do

for k, v in pairs( _file.Find("…/npc/overwatch/cityvoice/*.wav") ) do

And it doesn’t work :frowning:

Please help, and thanks.

Why are you using the underscores?

I don’t know if there is a block to not send content from hl2 or if they already have that, but you’re doing …/npc/overwatch/cityvoice/ and etc. but the folder is actually in the sound folder, there isn’t probably an npc folder at all in your garrysmod/ folder is there?

Change …/npc to …/sound/npc
same with resource.AddFile but replace npc/ with sound/npc.

I’m also wondering why you are using underscores, there is no _file global table in default gmod. Is this something you added in your gamemode or in an addon?

Well since ive started learning a little bit of Vba, underscores are used to show that the function is continuing onto the next line.

Is he trying to get clients to download what they already have?
Key word being already, meaning they don’t need to download it again.