Why the servers are being DDOSed

Many of you know that the servers are being DDOSed and some of you know why for the people who don’t know its a group of skids (script kiddies) using a packet program they downloaded off the internet. The reason for this DDOS like one of the skids said was “Fix your anticheat and ill fix your servers”. Im not sure if the game has a anticheat and if it does its not that god but that is no reason for people to DDOS it but some people just don’t understand this game is in alpha i guess.

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I don’t doubt the reasoning… I would however like to see the source behind this statement. Where have they posted that message about the hacking being the cause? Just for my own reference.

Primus has a point about needing the source. for all i know its just some but hurt kid that got banned or burned either ingame or on the forums

it does not matter why they are doing it. the point is that their doing it and it needs to stop. how is anyone supposed to test the game and point out its issues to be fixed if it cant be played. it really annoying and ddos protection is not hard to find. when will rust be on the steam servers? that will solve this problem.

There was a thread made indicating that this would happen due to the lack of movement against cheaters. It was deleted and junked after like 40 replies, I still have the link to the thread but it’s gone. The username was “dirtyghettog” I believe, and the servers were down at the time of his thread.

This is the most I have of it, from the link - http://puu.sh/4VTuR/e08dd328e1.png (image)

there was a thread about it yesterday i do believe but it was removed

Thanks for that. Funny, because that dirtyghetto character was a reported hacker on the forums. Haha. I wonder why he would want that fixed when he was responsible for it as well.

I have a screenshot of the post before it got deleted cause I was reading it for lawls as it got deleted and my friend wanted to see it. I do not want to post it here in fear that I might get in trouble. If they deleted it I am sure they want it to stay gone but I can assure you the post was VERY straight forward.

The guy was using a (supposed) hackers name and basically said he had the power to stop the Ddos but that first the Devs would have to work on the hacking problem. He demanded that one of the Devs (to which he did not even know was a Dev) get in contact with the dev team to fix it. Then the dev banned him for reason foot made contact with your ass :slight_smile: Which I laughed about.

Regardless of the peoples problem with the current testing phase of the game and wanting a released game during an alpha stage (which is already silly in its self) this is no way to go about getting what you want. It only slows down production and forces the Devs to NOT deal with the problems the person Ddosing is complaining about but instead the Ddos its self.

Creating a counter productive environment and then demanding more productivity is just the epitome of retarded.

The Dos’ing/DDoS’ing won’t stop until Garry actually invests in some protection, Or at least hides the IP (too late now he’d have to change it aswell)

That wasn’t the real dirtyghettogamer - it was just an alias.

Yeah, but I’m doubting it was actually him, if he was going to commit such stupid things, I’d assume he wouldn’t put an identifiable username to incriminate him.

right now at 4:19 pm on oct 21 2013 all but 2 of your servers are being ddosed. has this not become a priority. this is insane.

You can’t hide an IP from something that wants to connect to it unless you hide the host you want to protect behind an opaque proxy or a NAT (and that introduces more lag). It’s like trying to keep your phone number secret from everyone while still using it. IP addresses are how a computer reaches another server; it’s a fundamental design concept for the entire Internet. If you can’t find out the IP, you can’t talk to the server.

It’s like trying to phone someone without anyone knowing their phone number. You can’t just pick up the phone and say “call garry newman, please!” and have Garry’s unlisted secret phone number ring without anyone in the system knowing what garry’s phone number is. Someone has to know in order to route your call to garry, otherwise they might as well just dial random numbers and connect you to Harold and Flo from Des Moines.

pretty hard to play with no servers working

I don’t know what a DDoS is, it sounds somewhat complicated, however the servers seem to be offline due to the lack of developer response and assistance to the users around the hacking subject, where as literally everyone is cheating now.

I already knew they were scriptkiddies the second I heard it was a DDos.
It’s extremely stupid to use a DDos attack such as this, because it’s extremely high-profile.

The hosting provider most likely has their IP’s and can simply report it to the police.
These kids could even be in for jailtime, depending on the country they are in.
I doubt any of the devs would take it that far, but that doesn’t mean the hosting provider won’t either.

I would seriously advice anyone involved to come clean. Going to jail for a silly DDos is just about the stupidest thing you can do at that age.

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A DDos really is nothing.
Basically, what they did is that they downloaded a tool that someone else made and copy/pasted the server adress into the target bar.

What this tool does is it opens huge amounts of spam connections that basically flood the server.
DDos attacks cause absolutely zero damage and the website will restore itself the second the attack is over.
It’s amateuristic and the only thing these kids have really achieved is that the rust community is pissed and the hosting provider will most likely report them to the police.

First you have to understand how DDoS works my friend. DoS is one thing - flooding a service with more than it can handle. It can happen with even just 1 computer and like you described, you can find that person and do whatever you want. Report him, block him, whatever.

Distributed DoS though is something different. You basically use infected computers without their users’ knowledge by controlling something that is called a botnet. When i’m talking about infected computers, i mean hundreds or thousands of them. So you understand that reporting them or blocking them is simply out of the question especially when you think that these computers are doing it without their users’ consent.

Countering a DDoS attack is just not possible. You can only make it harder for it to happen by having a bigger bandwidth pipe. But that’s all you can do. Make it harder.

LMAO @ the guy getting trolled BY the guy doing the Ddos and not following the forums enough to realize it.


Before I was rudely banned on that account, I wanted to point out, Wouter you are an absolute moron with little to no knowledge on the subject you’re talking about.

Oh P.S - Hello Ideal-Hosting reading this thread. How’s the hosting?

I’ll try being helpful again, thanks.

I know what a DDos is, the point here is to explain it in a way that everyone can understand it.
Also, reporting them is very much possible. I’ve seen it happen first hand.

Lol, I just noticed.