Why The Servers Are Down

For those who are having issues connecting/seeing servers a new post on the Rust website has been posted: http://playrust.com/ulink-ddos-attacks/ Snippet: “We use a networking library called uLink. It works well for us. We can get 300 people on a single server. We’re happy. But it is not without its issues. I get the feeling that it’s not that widely used – so there’s a lot of relatively simple exploits that haven’t been found. We’ve reported issues. A lot. But always seem to receive the same responses. Basically – it’s going to be fixed in the future, in an update that is planned for the next month, that never really gets released.”

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Ya i read that and i dont understand why they still use that service. Yes the servers can hold up to 300 players but they are unplayable. It’s time to switch providers because Ulink is terrible.

Yea… I’m sure they weren’t expecting something like this to happen. I wonder how difficult it would be to change…

Ulink isn’t a provider, it is a library.

programming: library

In computer science, a library is a collection of implementations of behavior, written in terms of a language, that has a well-defined interface by which the behavior is invoked.

to change service would take a long process as they’re probably locked into or already paid for X amount

Get a refund from ulink for their shitty software.

looks like this will be going on all weekend atleast… =/ Fukin people have nothing better to do then ruin games for thousands.

It looks like Gary has taken some of the people’s advice in the comments and has released the upcoming patch early with the addition of stopping the server list showing servers to stop the DDoSers getting the server IPs so conveniently, or the server browser only shows same version servers (would make sense if the servers need updating too).

Try directly connecting to servers after giving enough time for servers to be up.

Edit: Servers are now showing up on the server list, disregard what I said.

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You really can’t blame there software or the company.
Any computer on the net can get DDoS attacked, even big server providers get them.
All you can do is Block the IP’s of the attack, But you can’t stop them.

how will that stop the attackers from adding these IP’s given out via forums to their attack list?

Then its time to get a new library because this one clearly sucks.

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