Why there is no people on other gamemodes?

I have noticed that gmod players prefer to play on DarkRP, TTT, Murder, Sandbox, Prophunt and StarWarsRP server. What happened to other gamemodes? Why there is no players on Stranded or Flood? And where is fun gamemodes such as GangWarsRP or racing gamemode which name i forgot? I hate these new darkrp servers with ~100 players and 6 tickrate - they suck, why people play there? Does someone know?

People mostly play the gamemodes that are popular/ made popular by youtubers.

Big ~famous~ youtubers who have convinced 90% of the incoming players that being a minge for “la mee mees” is funny and normal.

edit: Forgot to add this because on mobile + voice dictation, but they generally do this in darkrp so that’s where all the kiddos go to do it.

you forgot to mention the youtubers have no personality and scream at everything

Blame the new server list that orders the gamemodes by how many people are playing on it, maybe some filters like how valves server browser has would fix smaller gamemodes not getting any attention.

There are too many darkrp servers. 90% of the server are just copy past. There are only few uniques. People need to stop make darkrp server, there are almost 2k. Lets make some other gamemode popular

Easier said then done, the server browser is the problem.

How so

Display’s gamemodes by how many players/servers there are if I’m not mistaken. Also people won’t stop main darkrp servers it’s a pure money maker if you can get players.

Even new gamemodes such as ground control die because of this and its a shame because i had a lot of fun with it and other game modes that were shunned to obscurity because of this.

It´s a damn shame, but that´s how the system currently works. I remember this net game mode that was basically a series of physics-puzzles, some demanding player co-operation that was popular for a short while and really neat. It went down for that exact reason, people having a hard time finding it due to the server browser system. At least cinema is still a popular game mode, right?

I keep seeing people saying: i miss this (gamemode name here) why no one organize some people to go play it when everyone is free?

Is there a Gmod discord channel?

What if someone made a different server browser list? You could have something web based like what Battlefield uses, but have it search on different criteria. I suppose the only issue would be getting people to actually use it.


The server browser is garbage, and doesn’t give new gamemodes a chance to generate or maintain popularity. When the gamemodes are sorted by players from top to bottom, most people go straight for the top because they think it’s better. When in reality, there’s 15 players in a Syndicate server all the way at the bottom that they are missing out on. The server browser desperately needs a change.

I agree that the server browser needs a change, but I’m not really sure how you would do it.

People aren’t going to want to come to the serverlist and see a bunch of half empty servers, so maybe having two columns, one sorted by most players and another randomly sorted would solve the problem.

Having a section for featured gamemodes / servers picked by devs or the community could work too, so long as the system was made fair and couldn’t just be botted / manipulated (“vote up darkrp for $5000 on our server”).

People do sometimes attempt, but those servers typically die. Even if you get some people in initially with nostalgia, you need new players to keep coming in if you want to sustain a community.

Also if you’re talking specific play-groups. Well, take time-zones, lifestyle differences (work,) along with the plain challenge of coordinating 12-20 people, and good luck with that.

It really is all the youtubers promoting/pushing the gamemodes to the top of the server browser,
it’s a bit unfair if you ask me but all i could think of to prevent this is another way of listing the gamemodes for eg not based on the players but based on your latency or the “quality” of the server