Why there should not be vehicles (yet)

In this thread I classify a vehicle as a car, motorbike, truck, not a bike (I agree with adding bikes) Also I am dyslexic so please excuse any spelling mistakes

I just saw a poll go up and quite a few people think that vehicles would be a good thing, they would not!

Firstly, if you go 1000 people together and asked how many could repair a vehicle, very few people would put their hands up. And in the post fall out world that rust is a naked guy would not be able to repair and then drive a car, I mean who taught him to drive cause according to garry fresh spaws don’t know a lot and you can’t exactly learn how to drive from a blueprint. This means that to all you realists, vehicles are a bad thing as it would be un realistic for us to be driving them around.

Secondly, people would learn the spawns within minutes, rust is such a tiny map that there is only so many places that vehicles can spawn which would mean that the clans would just go out in their trucks and just drive the vehicles home, meaning that no one would really stand a chance against them if they have 10 of the best vehicle in the game.#

Thirdly, where would you store them? i doubt the wooded gateway would be big enough for a car to pass through which would mean that the devs would have to realease some new content which they aren’t going to do yet. Or your vehical could just be taken as since we already have a lockpick in the game it could be made to unlock vehicles making a locking tool (if put into the game) worthless.

Fourthly, do you know how small the playable rust map is? its tiny! and some of it is still and utter wasteland. We Fdo not need vehicles as you can get round the rust map in half of a rust day. Day Z needs them beacuse the maps are massive and other wise it would take ages to get from A to B. Until the rust map becomes like that, we do not need them.

Fithly, they would just not fit in, a naken guy bashing a tree with a rock and a guy driving a truck do not fit into the same game, yet

Hopefully from this you will see why vehicles are not needed in Rust at the moment

Thanks for reading, add your thoughts in the comments

I don’t think they are needed.
The map is the perfect size for foot travel.
Anyone who disagrees should try Infestation…

i completely agree, some others though do not!

Go away with this thing which they even call a game. :v:

I have maintained that transportation could be remedied by adding a rail system on the map. This rail system would stop at regular intervals picking up and dropping players off.

If you put 1000 Americans together a good amount of them would be able to build a wall much less a house, so who cares if it is “unrealistic” when we are in fact playing a game. While on the subject sleeping bags are not the secret to immortality either.

The rich always get richer and clans will always dominate the Rust landscape. Try to make friends with players in game, a buddy and I started out mostly playing as a duo after our other friends quit playing and eventually we combined forces with four other people.

They could make a garage to accommodate storage that other players could raid.

The map is small for now, that is going to change in the future (hopefully).

You ended by saying they are not needed yet and I agree, but if it is part of the vision for the completed product and fits that product why worry about the long term vision?

Someone posted a top down view of the entire map a few days ago. Assuming that map was correct the current area is only a small part of the overall game world. Given that vehicles would be very useful for getting around. I agree that the map in it’s current state isn’t big enough to justify vehicles but later on it probably will be. Though I think they should wait until the playable area is larger before adding them.

“come off the train with your hands empty, this is a hold up.”

It would never work on a PvP server, grefers would just be attracted and kill everybody on the train

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I kinda agree with you there but as long as the map stays the size it is, vehicles will never have a place, bikes howver do (I think)