Why there's no modelling recruitment/hire thread?

Would help alot, since people always starts threads like (just an example) “Mafia II Ragdolls”, which can mistake other users, why dont we have like a big thread where people request certain models to be done/ported, they may recruit/hire, just like the LUA one. I dont see people posting in the lua section “please can someone create a mod that does blah blah”…

Garry ditched the requests and releases sections in mapping and modelling section for stupid reason. I don’t why he did it.

There used to be a request section, but Garry’s a sadomasochist piece of shit and took it out to ‘watch us squirm like the filthy cockroaches we are’ (his words).

Does this mean we can’t start a thread or what

That really was retarded. Good threads get bumped off by worthless request threads with no content.

Did he really say that? :open_mouth: oh lordy!