Why this guy isn't banned yet?


The link explains everything. I’m sorry if this is too short post.

Because garrysmod.org doesnt have moderation.


What’s wrong with him? Did he steal the stuff or something?

He should be banned because it says you cannot upload other peoples stuff…

He stole everything he uploaded.

He probably can’t code anything himself so he just steals people stuff and re-uploads them.
Go ahead and report all the uploads and he’ll be banned in no time.

So how do you report files?

you put some Java script in the browser and a box comes up telling you to submit the reason for the report. but no matter what you put in the box it just says, “You need to put a reason!”.

Maybe he downloaded the stuff, and didn’t want to forget what it was, so he uploaded it to Garrysmod.org, and then he like… idk… Nevermind…


Ban-Hammer Time.

He is probably some foreign guy uploading them so he has a bunch of file downloads.

We used to use javascript:ReportFile(); or something.

Doesnt work anymore.

yup. Everything on there is just famous stuff on gmod.org that he took the credit for.
is the REAL FILE for gm_bigcity
Size: 17.32 MB - Uploaded 381 days ago - 193603 Downloads (87 this week) - Uploaded by Bigwig
Size: 18.12 MB - Uploaded 26 days ago - 4594 Downloads (56 this week) - Uploaded by Avaluque
Basically just a really big city that’s good for building contraptions and getting lost in. So big in fact that it has hit pretty much every source limit possible at one point or another. A bit blocky but it’s HUGE!


  • It’s pretty big
  • Custom soundscapes
  • Some of the doors work (teleport you to the roof)
  • A couple of indoor areas
  • AI nodes. NPCs will chase you through the streets!
  • Lots of places to build
  • Business, residential and warehouse themed districts
  • Garbage dump
  • A serial graffiti artist?
  • Mysterious invisible trains and cars and dogs
  • A weird open air sewage plant. Don’t ask me.
  • Plenty of dark alleys if you’re into that sort of thing
  • And much much more

And the fake one has something extra…
REAL: Size: 17.32 MB
FAKE: Size: 18.12 MB

Has anyone downloaded the fake file? I wonder what that extra mega byte is…

hopefully something classy like his name carved into the side of the skyscrapers

4686 Downloads Meh friend

Yes it does, just delete everything in the navbar and paste the code in there

There’s a vmf and a vmt in it. THat’s not in the original one. Also, it’s in .bsp not in add-on format.


there are SOOOO many idiots on garrysmod.org
stealin’, uploading porn… argh…