Why Unity engine? Help?

Dear gary,
i would just like to know why you picked the unity engine over the source engine,Unreal engine,cry engine and lots more.
You have used source engine in the past why not use that. Myself have used udk engine loved it alot with its great map developer tools and much more.
I’ve Started to use source engine just recently and its pretty easy to use.

What did unity engine have that the others didn’t?

ps. you have inspired me to start developing my own zombie survival game.

if anyone eles knows please leave a comment

Unity provides for Windows, OSX and Linux. It’s becoming the standard engine for Indie and more. Put it on Steam and it’s win/win!

I can already tell you that the source engine can not handle even a quarter of the Rust game, probably even a lot less then that!

I’ve also seen no evidence that the unreal engine can either, I’ve heard about a large open world game using cry engine, but I won’t believe it until I see it.

You would be surprised how many engines can’t handle large multiplayer worlds,.

There are quite a few games that use very large maps in source. Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 being them. Source Engine in of itself is very very optimized. You can play any source games on almost max settings and still get over 120 FPS on a 3-4 Year old card.

Unreal Engine is also capable of open world games. Mortal Online being one of them. All game engines are capable of Open World but its up to the developers to decide what engine suits their needs over the others. Unity, CryEngine, UDK are all worth of being used and can totally handle vast terrain without issues.

Your argument is weak and is full of holes. Being a Developer myself using UDK i can make massive worlds filled with towns and objects without a problem. Its the way you utilize that engine that matters.

If you think a left 4 dead map is as big as rust then you have some serious issues.

I’m talking about map size, go do some research.

He answered a guy about this and he said. " He can work on the from worldvide and its portable"

(he said other things but i dont remember)

Never said anything about a Left 4 Dead map being as big as rust at all. I will argue your first point though i am sure there are a couple Left 4 Dead Maps that are at least a quarter the size of rust.

You should pay attention to what people say before replying.

Don’t you think if the source engine could handle a massive player count on large maps there would already be mods or games like that developed on it.

Got to love people that have NO IDEA what they are talking about and try to give the Devs advise lol.

“You know what you should do”… yeah not listen to your dumb ass.

your not very smart are you?
hunger games mod for garrys mod?
theres a dayz type mod for garys mod
please get your information right before comment on a post

LMAO and they are both WAY smaller maps and lag like ass ALWAYS. I have more hours in garrysmod and more productions under my belt for that game then you even know. Come back to me when you have some idea of what your talking about young padawan.

Because the Source engine is a pain in the ass. Unity works, the price is right, it’s portable. It’s a no brainer for us.