Why was I Game Banned in Rust?

I have a main account that has about 450 hours of gameplay. I also have an alternate account I was using to play on a modded server. This account was posted on Rust Hack Report Twitter. If I was using a cheat program, why wasn’t it detected on my main account? It just seems shady that my new account was banned within 2 days of activity. I’d like to see the data describing why the ban occurred.

You will not be given access to the detection data. EAC will either confirm that the ban is valid (for a paid or free cheat, depending on the case), or they’ll confirm it’s a mistake and unban you. That’s it.

What is your banned account’s Steam ID?

Why would you need an alternate account for your modded server?

They don’t provide ban data to the public or to those who are banned, as it is too useful for the production of cheats trying to evade the cheat detection.

It sounds like you are trying to experiment with cheating without losing your main account.

BenjyBoi should be the banned account.

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It was a little phase where I thought about leaving my main and starting over on an alternate.

you may play your second account on another PC so the cheat program may not get detected on your main account (laptop/girlfriends/ friends /brothers pc)

You do realize that if you cheat its not a instant ban when your detected, it would most probably be from a detection for a far earlier time and then bans handed out in ban waves … banned within 2 days of play does not sound likely though

but im not saying it couldn’t happen

just saying

this is a really poor excuse that isn’t compatible with this game

i agree wholeheartedly

I really missed these threads. At this point, I’m reading these more than playing the actual game :v: [sp]( to be fair, my PC can barely run it at the time of this writing )[/sp]
If you really wish to know why you were banned ( :smug: ), either contact EAC or wait a while for one of Garry’s acolytes to perform a blood sacrifice and summon one of EAC guys to confirm what we already know.

He knows exactly why he was banned, because he used hacks.

The fact that they come here rather than contacting EAC directly is essentially shooting themselves in the foot after holding a grenade for too long. According to a majority, they have no idea EAC even has a website, let alone a means to contact them to dispute a ban. And yet somehow they find the cheats that get them banned…

You tried hacking with an alt didn’t you, Squidward

just as feedback, when people ask for your steam id, they don’t mean the name you typed in last.

Funny how evasive these players become when asked for their profile or Steam IDs.

On the contrary, most are somewhat cooperative until they get told it was definite detection of hack usage. The ones who don’t post their ID either don’t know how to get it, assume that the forum can access their Rust info based on forum name like some MMORPGS can or as you’ve said, being evasive.