Why was the *Loot All* button removed

Was it for realism?

Like hey I actually have to pick up each one of this guys items and stuff it in my pack.

Should it be brought back y/n?

Could you please demonstrate how you would “Loot All”.

Used to exist in the game, I think this it what he is talking about at least.

Sorry, I meant in real life.

No, insta looting houses/corpses during a fire fight would be crap. Defending against raiders who could clear you out in a few button clicks while one of their friends distracts you would be crap.
A loot all button would be crap.

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Ever seen someone pick up a box? I imagine it would go down something like that :stuck_out_tongue:


rather than grasping objects with your hands grasp them with your arms and chest

Ok I have a box full of computer parts beside me here, I’m gonna try to Loot All using ^.

One of the dangers of gathering stuff from containers / dead players is standing still and getting your head blown off. I like everything which makes this game harder, so for me it’s a no no to ‘take all’ buttons :stuck_out_tongue:

Please show me how in real life you could carry a wooden shack/55 pieces of lumber/stones and ore and be naked? Don’t be stupid.