Why we can complain

As we bought the game we were said :“The game is in an early and active state of development so some things might not work, might change, might break. This message should serve as a warning not to expect things to be too stable, polished or finsihed.”

But the problem is not that some things might no work, as they say. The problem is that servers on their own are half time down and half time unplayable. We paid to TEST a game, and there arent any servers with quality enough to play. So yes, we can complain.

If they have said “maybe there’s no game to test” or even better “this is a kickstart project and need funds to start, but you will hardly play to the game at this state” then we couldnt complain.

But they told us that there is a game to test. So complain all you like.

You paid to help test a game in alpha.
Not to enjoy it like a released (nearly) bug-free game.

But it is true. The server are highly unstable and unplayable at this moment.

Just so you know, the servers are being DDoS’d because someone is upset at the lack of action taken against the hackers that are running rampant.

You CAN complain, but It’s really not Garry and his team that’s the source of the problems.

a.) The kids that use cheat engine to hack.

b.) The DDoSers that think taking down the server is going to fix the hacking problem.


I paid to test, and i cant test… and of course im not enjoynig, but i dont want to, i want to test.

And its not my problem if the servers are being attacked by DDoS. Devs, if they were 15 years old, could have thought that this was not going to happend and believe in adress this problem in the future, but the reality has facepalm them. So adress this problem, because i paid as you sad, to test, not to enjoy, But at least to test!!

You paid to gain access to a horribly early, unstable build of a game. You are more paying for the finished product than any guarantee of service now. So, yeah, sure, you can complain. It’s your right. But nobody has to listen to you. That’s their right.

It is Alpha, expect down time. If waiting is a problem then go outside, take a time out and wait for final release. Do not buy the Alpha version of a game and complain about issues. It makes you sound like a spoiled child.