Why We Cant Change Our Skin And Characters? Why not to be Randomly for every Reborn?

We have one life in the real life. We cant born again and again.If this game to be like real life, you must give us randomly skin and character for every reborn . Why i cant play different skin and characters reborn again?. What can i do boring with black, white, asian or any skin?

Im not against random character but we will boring same character and we cant play it for ever.

My ideas;

  • Devs can give us random character wipe to wipe
  • Devs can give us the right to change gender
  • Devs can give us random character for every server or reborn
  • Devs can give us character creation menu…

I legitimately don’t think anyone in the dev team cares about your role play plans, at all.

Accept who you are my friend.

This isnt about who am i and roleplay things.

This “random character” idea not about against racism ! Example; im black guy and i like white guys but game gives me a black skin . Now real racism starts here.

And in real life We can change our Skin/Gender and Face . If rust will be a realistic this must be changeable . Now this game force us random character , face and skin.

Even we cant select gender. Why we cant play as female?

Random skin and face is really worse idea im ever seen. Players needs custom made characters. I must to be able make scars, old, young, female or male, black or white etc.

We must be free about it!

and who am i? Im gamer and customer.

Deal with it, at least you’re not like me in game being black and having a tiny dick. Or just get another steam account and buy rust again.

I cant able to buy rust again. I thing refund it if im thinking this problem not resolved. but refund is low chance for me. Because i was trying fixed errors etc. for one hour.

Im so sad. I was dreaming this game to beatiful but now my first moments and its looks like nightmare.

Your race etc are based on your steamid. Just like in real life you can’t chose what your race is and what you look like so deal with it.

Vanity is a sin. Repent and ye shall be saved.

It isn’t a problem. It is how they wanted their game, if you don’t like it you don’t have to play.

Not every game needs to be all things to all people.

No you can chose it. If you dont like your face you can change it with plastic surgery! You can change your skin colour with surgery or sunbath. Even you can change your GENDER.

Now rust is not realistic to me and not fun. Because i cant live in rust. I cant live with my character. (And this is not story game like Max payne you must to be free to make your own character)

@utilitron i must play because i was pay it. I have low chance for refund . Because im trying to open rust for 1 hour around and 30 minute around to try it. Games need to make basic things.

“You can play elderscrolls online but you cant select your character/class and gender you must play random character/class/race and gender whole thousands time” Looks like that.

this dude is salty because random character generator was hating hard on him for no reason and now hes gotta get a whole new steam account.

He is lucky anyway he can get new steam account and new rust character. But me nope i cant.

You’re a naked dude stuck on an island bro what kind of stuff did you smoke to think it would be realistic to be able to perform a plastic surgery here?

It should be every server is a different character. Maybe every server wipe too. I like these that Tatten posted: http://oi65.tinypic.com/27y9549.jpg

Another one of these threads. You are fighting a battle you lost six months ago.

The devs aren’t interested in changing this system right now. If you don’t like it, go play ARK where you can feed people their own shit.

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No it does not.

This was just example idea. I never smoking. I will say something realistic to you right now.(!) You can carry tons of items in your inventory but you have not bag? You are chopping trees with rock and make a structure in seconds with actually wood piece. You can make electronic keylock from nothing without knowlege. You can upgrade wood walls to rock and metal :slight_smile:

I thing you dont know anything about games. Maybe they can read this and change their minds. Why i cant reach open minded peoples. This is not battle this is suggest from customers. Rust in early access even if not we can suggest any idea and we can disscouss it. I thing i dont need your permission for discouss and suggest it. Yea i dont like it but i will play it. If you give me a my money back i will buy ark and play it with great enjoy while you re playing same character.

We are trying suggest good ideas and trying to make better rust. I hope devs better than u and they will think these ideas. Youre not creative so shame. And If you dont want to be part of better rust then dont write and read here, This threat not for you…

Yes this is better idea! Thank u sir . I hope devs read it and think about it.(maybe)


I never said you can’t post, and I would never tell you that you can’t use the forum; I’m not a moderator. However, this does not change the fact that garry has decided that Rust is not like other games and is doing different things. You can suggest it, but this thread has been made dozens of times, demanding character customization, and nothing has changed because no one has been able to provide a compelling reason beyond “I want it”.

All you have said in this thread is “I want it”.

Have fun with Ark’s character customization, where everyone is short like this to minimize their hitboxes:

You can always look forward to tiny dick contests and look at his tiny dik Garry this child is ruined.

If we want something , then something happens. Games evolve with us. They must find common ideas and make it real. If you are make changes for your own decision you will lose your user and score.

Why youre writing here? Because “you want it” Why youre playing rust? Because “you want it” Everyone want something in this life and everyone thinking own benefits. But importand think is common benefits. If this ideas make a better rust (for common sense) this will be a good.

Ark is not our topic but i must say they can fix it with some character creation limits.They are in early access to.

and “Hitbox doesnt change based on the size of your character at all. No matter what your character looks like they use the default hitbox. Making a huge or tiny character does give you the advantage of your enemies having issues guessing where your hitboxes are especially when going for headshots.”

Actually this is character creation freedom. If the community really hate it then they suggest it to dev.

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