Why We Fight (short comic)

Done as a means to keep the comic making skills fresh. Messing around with some ideas and whatnot. It’s related, in a sense to something bigger that is currently being worked on.




That was Awesome man…If only i could make comics like that.

Jim_Riley you stink at this

I envy your writing and posing skills, awesome work.

Some of the facemaps look kind of ugly to me but i guess that’s just personal preference.

That was fucking brilliant.
Especially the face posing and hand posing on the last couple of pictures.

What is wrong with you?

You still got it, my friend.

I thought this was going to be about Band of Brothers. It’s pretty good still.

love it

As long as people appreciate and enjoy reading these comics, I’ll keep on making more for them.

Thanks everyone!

And then the citadel exploded. End.

Was this inspired by band of brothers? it’s very reminiscent of the episode of the same name… Very good work by the way looks awesome!

Yes and No. I was messing around with maps just wanting to play around with Rebel scenarios and to get ideas and such when I stumbled across those antlion pits in Ep1. They had what looked like flies buzzing around it so I just sort of went from there, imagining a pit of bodies.

I was listening to the song from that BoB episode too and that’s where the name came from :v:

Yeah, but if you think about it… the episode is involving some soldiers finding a nazi concentration camp, and there were tons of dead body’s or near dead people… also majority of them mention the stench… and they both stumble on it accidentally, also they both involve one soldier wondering why they fight… then they see what there enemy has done.

Don’t worry just your friendly neighborhood shit poster.

Why haven’t I seen this until now?

It’s sweet man, glad to see you haven’t lost your touch.

It’s really nice to read another comic from you Jim. :slight_smile:

BTW. My suggestion for your future projects would be to make the font a tad bigger. Not by much.

Pretty damn good stuff.

S’ok, the visuals could definitely use some polish though (e.g. not using HL2 citizen reskins, some more detailed props) and the angles could really be improved.

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Also the faceposing isn’t very convincing.

Those are more like personal preferences really (apart from the ‘angles could really be improved’) but sure, I’ll make a note of it. Nothing wrong with using HL2 citizen re-skins, by the way. I wanted to keep the props more in tune with the hl2 feel, to a degree.

Sliders are maxed out whenever the faces are flexed so some are more flexible than others. Everybody should know by now that citizen/rebel flexes are rather pathetic and out-dated compared to what Valve can pull off today.

I didn’t make the flexes so what can I do, eh?

I could make it 12 instead of 11. That might be better actually.