Why? Why does it take so long!?

I’ve just timed the time it takes to start up Garry’s Mod on my Alienware ALX X58 Computer, (one of the best computers available) and it took 12:47 (give or take a few seconds) to load up to the Main Menu.

I then joined a multiplayer game, and i got stuck on Retreiving info or whatever, and that took about 7 minutes. And then it crashed on Sending Client info.

Does this happen to everybody else? It definately isn’t my computer, because my hard drive has an incredibly high data transfer rate, i have an overclocked intel core i7 processor, and on a computer this spec, it shouldn’t happen.

The only addons i have are PHX3 and Wire. (It’s a new computer, so i had to do a fresh install, so that’s all i have)

Does this happen to anyone else?

You trust your computer too much.

And most likely paid to much too :stuck_out_tongue: . Alienware is nothing but HP with a “cool” name.

You wasted a shit fuck ton of money. Also, all of your specs please, not just that you have some i7.



Alienware is a dell.

i was gonna say that but a trollish admin might have banned me :stuck_out_tongue:

weird, I have Wire, PHX, Space build, SBEP, Stargate, and dozens more addons and maps (most of which I don’t use), and my load time [booting up GMod, and the load time for a game. excluding picking a map (that varies on whether or not I know what map I want to play)] is about 5-6 minutes.

(hint hint 4:30-5 minutes of that is the game load time).

I got a Dimension E520, Intel Core Duo, I’m running Window’s Vista, and I named my computer Bessy (very, very long story)!

So no, not every one has this problem.

(sorry for sounding like an ass here, I just love seeing peoples “uber” computers fail at something when my average computer can handle it fine)

What we have here is a waste of money.

EDIT: BTW have fun with your gateway with a cool case

That often means they aren’t taking care of their computer.

Clean it of dust physically, defragment the hard drive, run a disc cleanup, etc.

mine loads in a min and i have a lot of crap on my gmod and its a windows xp pc
may it be because you have a virus or too much stuff on gmod?

My GMod needs approximately 15 seconds to load and 50 seconds to start a map with a few addons installed (with no addons, loading a map takes 20 seconds). - All on sandbox.
This is still quite too long on my eyes, compared to e.g. HL2:DM.

On Fretta servers, I join in less than 10 seconds. (Seems like Sandbox is just overloaded).

But in multiplayer, some servers take up to 3 minutes for me to connect. Mostly those, which have Wire or other “server-cancer” installed.

i have a pretty decent dual core computer and it can take a few minutes for me to join a server. starting gmod doesnt take too long but ive found that starting a singleplayer game surprisingly takes longer than joining an online server

i too, think its just part of gmod, because i can start up TF2 and join a server on that WAYYYY faster.

You used Alienware and Best in the same sentence

And bumped a year old topic :byodood: