Why will my add-on not work?!

Recently, I have been making SWEPs just for fun. I just wanted to mess around with them in single player. So instead of making my own code I just copied and pasted. Since I was making an AUG and was using the GDCW base, I used the Sub-Base, “gdcw_base_rifleman”. ( I copied the code from razors SCAR-H Sniper and just replaced it with code that was essential for my SWEP) I really hate to be that guy and just ask everyone to fix it for me but it has been three days and I have yet to figure out why my AUG does not show up in the Q-Menu. I would much rather post this on a forum where people will better help me with this, so if you know of any like that, please will you provide the link for me below? I will upload my SWEP files to a website so anyone can download. I understand if these threads with people like me are annoying. Thank you, and here is the link–


Honestly here’s some things wrong with it.

  1. Your addon folder has an invalid character (#) in the name, that will cause it to not work.
  2. Your weapon folder is all capitals and doesn’t have a proper prefix (like weapon_)

May be more since I seriously don’t feel looking at the files.

That is perfectly fine LUModder. You have done more than enough. Thank you very much.