Why wont my prop hunt server load objects correctly?

I recently made my first prop hunt server so i could play with friends. whenever i start it, srcds keeps saying “Attempted to create unknown entity type hostage_entity. Can’t init hostage_entity” and it this message for a few different things. also, nobody can pick anything up if they are the hunter. they can see it, and run into it, but they cant pick it up. Also on some servers i can double jump, which i cant do on my server. is this an addon or something i have to enable? if you want to take a look, i’m going to try to leave my server up tonight. (1/26/2014) It is currently called
“RobRev6 | PropHunt #1| NO pickup |” i have a screenshot of my srdcs here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/115516114@N04/12165671405/lightbox/
I will be happy to supply any information you need. Thanks in advance!

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oh, and it also does this sometimes. http://www.flickr.com/photos/115516114@N04/12165752565/lightbox/

Mount counter-strike source to solve the prop issues, not sure about the lua error

i just realized i posted this in the wrong section. sorry :suicide: