Why would we get more FPS with the Steam migration ?

It’s curiosity… As the game will still be an Unity 3d based thing, why would we get more FPS with steam ?

(I saw this statement in many threads, and I just want to understand)

After trying out the Steam version I didn’t notice any FPS boost, but the RAM cost surely decreased.

How did you try the steam version? Also it will only help the low grade pcs giving them a maybe about 5 fps boost

Do you think 2gb RAM users can run Rust on steam smooth? If all the settings are on the Lowest?

Thank you.

It uses 1.3-1.6GB on Steam. 2GB is kinda low for nowadays anyway, I have 4GB and I need more.

2gb of RAM? If putting that to Rust yes, if thats all on the computer, my guess is no. But I couldn’t tell you cause my pc has 4gb

Then I’m happy. Before the update I could play smoothly and it was using 1.5 GB of ram. After the update a guy said , that it was taking 2GB of ram. So I couldn’t play(Although my bro,who has 4 GB of ram, couldn’t aswell).
Anywa,Thank you for your response.

So much people seem to think that steam will solve all the problems that they dont think at all how can that be possible.

The only thing im sure steam will do is to make more easy for Rust to get money faster, i hope they invest some of it in adressing the problems that players are telling about on this forums…
As soon as the game goes to steam it will be time to stop telling ourselves “its Alpha” and begin to ask for a good playing experience.

I’m playing Rust on a relatively old PC
I5 2500k sandybridge / 8gb ram / Geforce 560 TI

I’m playing in full settings, between 50 - 40 fps (forest).

But I think 2gb is not enough to enjoy the game in the best conditions :frowning:

It’s still an alpha, it’s just the web player is a horrible idea because you gotta redownload the whole game each time basically, and the files were stored in RAM. That’s no longer the case and that’s the only difference.

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It solves all kind of problems related to unity web player crashing after downloading the game.

From my side, I don’t need any best conditions(If you mean graphic wise that is).In every game I lower the game graphical options and disable everything so I’ll receive more FPS.
For those who got 2GB of ram and thinking it won’t work - don’t be that sad,I’m pretty sure it’ll be fine.
As long as the steam version,written above, takes out 1.5~ GB of ram,we’ll be fine.I hope so.

You do realize that keys will stop being sold whilst its on steam for a good 2-3 months. Yes steam will help in many ways, not having to wait for unity to download all the game content every time you play is one of them. Just because its on steam doesn’t mean it doesn’t need testing. Our job is still to test.

I don’t know why but in the webplayer some things are a lot slower than when running in the native version. Maybe it depends on webplayer version etc - but we have noticed an appreciable increase in performance in terms or fps and load times in the switch.

Glad to hear that!

So does that mean that its out on steam; and we just havent got access to it yet?

steam version isnt out yet so shat up

Even it will be based on Unity3D, the game is meant to be based as a default game, like everything else is (except for Java games such as RuneScape), since it is an open world and it’s not a game that any PC can play, the game is not really meant to be in a web browser.

when tomorrow will rust be on steam

Are we seeing less mouse latency in the Steam version? Right now that and low FPS are the biggest issues I’m facing.

i cant finmd he game on steam,