Why would you need a flying carpet when you can have a flying door.

i was chilling on a house roof whit some people when i saw a flying door

Care to explain how you got up there?

Indeed, Continue…

It’s a bug who happen sometime when you open/close your door

LOL… I have seen my door float away once, was worried that people could get in and logged out and back in and it was back in place. :slight_smile:

Now I want one :stuck_out_tongue:



IDK i would rather have a flying carpet, it can bend and so flying in tight spaces would be more easier vs. a straight unbendy door, the door would need more space to turn or reverse

That pic gave me a good laugh.

“I must go… my planet needs me…”

haha i had a lot of fun whit you guys today

That fucking dance song in the middle XDDD