Why you dont want have moderators on servers?

I see cheaters with air hack every day. Some day 2-3 different air hack cheaters. Why you don’t want moderate servers?
I can do it free. With 100% proof. I can make video and ban after. And give you information and video about all banned persons.
oh :frowning: it so silly when so many cheaters in official servers!

hmmm… this forum have no anwser from developers?

Report the player in question, developers develop the game - they do not have time to moderate official servers… Try not to burn any more brain cells whilst conjuring up such stupid threads.

Hey Poppadomus, thought you loved free speech. Then why insult and repress it. Surely your not trying to censor the free speech of the ‘internets’. Are you eve aware of the inconsistency in your posts?

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Mate report hackers to: https://twitter.com/rusthackreport

Just go ingame press F7 report the hacker or Send the data to EAC 2-3 Hours later problem solved

Free speech is all well and good until an idiot decides to unleash his fingers upon the keyboard.

Free speech
On a forum

Who do this guy think he is