Why you guys should upload your pictures using another host.

Filesmelt is the worst piece of shit uploader I’ve ever seen. Their servers crash all the time, and sometimes pictures will take ages to load. If you’re not uploading like ten pictures, consider using tinypic or cubeupload instead. Perhaps even photobucket.

How do I use cubeupload if the site is DOWN.

Ok so don’t use cubeupload. Use another. Photobucket, imageshack.

Uppix is also good

Photobucket sucks because they resize big pictures.
Imageshack is just slow.

Uppix or tinypic is where it’s at simply because it’s fast and simple.

ImgJoe. Adult contents allowed. Can only upload one image at the time, but no resizing and it gets the job done. 5 mb max picture size.
And yes Uppix is also good.

I’ve the habit to upload pictures on Uppix. Easy and fast enough …

Agreed, use imageshack and create a free account. You’ll have an overview about all your previously uploaded pictures and the site will never delete them (kind of).

I really hope FileSmelt get their problems sorted out. It is a kick ass hosting site when it runs smoothly.


Chesty, weren’t you supposed to update your editing tutorial this summer? :saddowns:

It ain’t the summer yet. It’s a week and three days until my holidays begin.

Yeah, if you have some nice stuff, where you put some effort in. But it really grinds my gears when I see all the shit getting featured in the Forthegmodders group. WHAT ARE PEOPLE THINKING? Ok, uploading those pictures to deviantart is their own thing, but posting them as contribution to a group is just sad. Some of this stuff is the worst of the worst, pictures nobody in this forum would give a hairy ass about. (Check the page if you don’t know what I’m talking about LINK)
So, bottomline is: Use deviantart for finished, high-quiality work, use some 1-click uploader for WiP, random shit and other stuff (check my uploaded stuff to see what i mean LINK)

Yeah I totally ignore that group.

“Garry’s Mod Magic”, made my a user who used to post here and co-run by Urbanator, has some good stuff in it occasionally though.

Yeah, i gotta say tinypic too

Just upload to dropbox

it works doesn’t it

Uppix lets you do that if you create an account. (to create an account, you just have to pick an username and password)


So yeah, Uppix is really the best one out there imo.