Why You Should Get On The Dev Servers

Things will change quite a bit on Monday’s up date, or when the update comes out. If you want to see things like roads, new building monuments, beautiful topography (land) changes, the changes in durability, reloading, and any other creamy new goodness, you should change your client to the development branch. It is easy, doesn’t cause any issues when changing back to the beta branch. There are many guides, but here are the steps:

1. Open your Steam library, scroll down to Rust.
2. Right click Rust, choose "Properties".
3. Click the "Betas" tab.
4. Use the pull down menu at the top and select "development-The latest updates..."
5. Hit close.

After an update of anywhere between 100mb to 350mb (depending on changes) you will be ready to join the development servers. Launch Rust as usual. There are fewer servers, but the players are, for the most part, nicer, more helpful, and less inclined to troll. We are here to try out new features after all!

When you are done playing development and have seen all the tasty new Rust goodness, simply do steps 1 through 3 again. This time, in step 4, choose “None-Opt Out…”. Close again, then after another update, you are back to raiding on the beta servers.

Here is some of what you are missing: (Click each image for a 1080p version)

http://www.y0himba.net/images/rust/devrustsm1.jpg http://www.y0himba.net/images/rust/devrustsm2.jpg

http://www.y0himba.net/images/rust/devrustsm3.jpg http://www.y0himba.net/images/rust/devrustsm4.jpg

http://www.y0himba.net/images/rust/devrustsm5.jpg http://www.y0himba.net/images/rust/devrustsm6.jpg

http://www.y0himba.net/images/rust/devrustsm7.jpg http://www.y0himba.net/images/rust/devrustsm8.jpg

awesome, pathing is in?:slight_smile:


Yep. and they all lead to buildings at the current time. Also, the legacy brick empties are in, as well as the two car carport thingy.

It’s good, but they look like shit atm.

Annoying that the power poles look so tidy. They should be on angles. They should be facing the right way, instead of 90 degree turns (how does that work?).

Breaking immersion atm.

Yeah the roads right now snake in very bizarre and illogical patterns that make it obvious that its a guided randomization, certain parts will just make 2 U-turns in a row for no reason. I think adding tire marks to the roads and making them prefer more straight lines like in legacy would be cool. Those roads felt more like actual roads where these current ones feel artificial.

Its been stated multiple times its programmer art. Its a placeholder and will change.

I wouldn’t mind rusty old car wrecks along those roads.

Shhhhh dont tell anyone now there will be servers full of raiders and kosers

Mine seems to require some sort of code.

Just leave it empty, and hit close. Doesn’t require a code.

sorry to hijack the thread but I have been waiting 1 year now for a version anywhere near as good as legacy, when would you guys say should I roughly check back? any chances in this quarter that we get a decently structured map with plenty points of interest and decent early to endgame harmony?

in short, is the “baseline” in sight?

The questions you ask are subjective to your own opinion. Me, I love the maps and gameplay, and do not need an endgame. There is no real win at Rust, the whole purpose is to survive, which is stated in the developer’s game description.

All I can tell you is check the dev servers at least weekly, preferably daily, and when you are ready, start playing regularly.

The last thing the game is missing to be where I think is ‘baseline’ would be adding dangerous environment effects for more of a survival experience, but everything else is pretty much there already.

Funny the poles have meant to have been up for years but are all standing straight up no leaning over…???

I agree. There needs to be another environmental threat like a menacing mob that hunts you, or you have to avoid because it will kill you fast, and also it is attracted to gathering noises. The game is fun, but raiding, jacking, and robbing are way too easy. And are too rewarding. I want a challenge. I want to have to do more than kill a few noobs to get all I need.

Also, Balance is an ongoing thing Garry said. So, we can expect the the team will be making minor changes weekly to address that. But, the addition of a environmental threat is still needed. Something that would make a player think twice before venturing out, or robbing the poor.

Maybe zombie chicks with bouncy boobs. That way you’d be running away but oh so tempted to look back constantly to admire the physics.

“it’s fine, i’ll just respawn…closeup time”

Yeah, “The Forest” gets procedurally generated boobs, and we just get roads!? joke

Metal is IN!
http://www.y0himba.net/images/rust/metalrustsm1.jpg http://www.y0himba.net/images/rust/metalrustsm2.jpg
http://www.y0himba.net/images/rust/metalrustsm3.jpg http://www.y0himba.net/images/rust/metalrustsm4.jpg
http://www.y0himba.net/images/rust/metalrustsm5.jpg http://www.y0himba.net/images/rust/metalrustsm6.jpg