Why you should start using Dropbox instead of Filesmelt or Imageshack

Hello, I’m not trying to convert you or anything so if you like filesmelt, please, go on and use it. I, however, think it is a shitty and unreliable host. I’m simply trying to spread the word of this service and why one should use it instead!

Now, only the features.

Not once have I noticed any speed problems with Dropbox. Their site is fast, the images or files download at speeds that makes Filesmelt hide in fear.

I have used Dropbox since before summer, and it has not crashed or been down at all.

The one great thing that makes Dropbox so good is that when you install their software, a link will be put on your Desktop and with this, you can simply drop images or files and they will be uploaded to the internet.

When you do this, it syncs your files online and across your computers automatically! For example, I have a Mac and a PC, with Dropbox on both of them and whenever I upload a file on my PC, Dropbox will sync my folder on my Mac and now I have it on there as well.

The only downside is that you get 2GB of free space, but up to 100GB for paying customers. I am using about 200 MB and that is a lot of files and images.

How it looks.
When you’ve installed, it looks like this:

All of these folders are on both of my computers and they are all up to date. If you open one of these folders you will see its contents. If you drop a file there, I’ll be updated or uploaded, instantly! If you remove files from your folders, bam, it’s no longer on the internet (unless some chap saved your file or image, that is).

Handy indeed!

I suggest you watch this video if you are still not convinced:

More information and download at:

Feel ze enlightened

I support this. It’s easy and quick to use and ridiculously simple.

Damn reliable too.

This thread is very enlightening.

If I want stuff uploaded, I want it web-based - two clicks to get it uploaded, then show a friend or something in about five seconds. I don’t want to have to download an exe that installs several shell extensions and a couple desktop shortcuts.

If this could have a fully web-based option that would be nice.

It takes nearly 2 minutes and is definitly worth it.
Altho I’ll stick with regular web hosting sites, at least for the pictures for a simple reason : format or lose the dropbox folder on your computer = lose it on the net.

As Bubba said, it takes 2 minutes to install. When you open the Dropbox folder on your desktop, it’s like a normal folder which you can drop things in. When you do, it’s uploaded to the site, and you can just right click on the file and get its public link. Goes much faster and it’s easier to keep tabs on your files.

Ok fair enough


just buy your own FTP/bandwidth you cheap pieces of shit

Will it ever remove your pictures?

Cuz thats what I hate about filesmelt, I can’t find any of my old pics from like 08 or 09…

if you delete them from the public folder they’ll delete it, otherwise no.

I use Tinypic now after I saw that Filesmelt replaced my old pics with Furry Porn.

Same…and it was gay furry porn too

How well do does this work regarding comics? Anyone got any experience using this for them?

nothings wrong with imageshack, i’ve never had a picture deleted there because of how long its been up

Well it sure is easier for comics. Drag and drop the episodes.

Damn, that sounds a hundred times better than hosting and pasting links.

I’m just concerned about load times. I suppose that just depends on your own internet though.

Uploading time is the same as the other webhosting sites and pictures show up very quickly. Instantly to me, while imageshack takes 5 seconds or more.
Plus always keep in mind it’s useful to share stuff other than pictures, it’s definitly a must have, even if not always used, you should really get it really.

There is no size limit of what I know of.



(4.5 MB, 1208x10880)

more than likely to do with the bandwidth ala why you should have your own FTP if you are so worried about it. seriously. that stuff is so cheap any more. it’s like buying a flash drive – used to cost a fortune and now there’s too many so everyone sells sells sells for ultra cheap!