Why you shouldn't admit to being a girl on gmod(Female GModder holds physgun)


Because of furious asian men(Not being racist, all kinds of men can be furious!)

Is it because they might make a terrible picture?

Like this one?

Seriously though, dumb faceposing, use of construct, simple DoF, and a big ugly low res physgun in our face does not make for a good picture.

Without Construct it wouldn’t make sense as it was made for the Gmod,com border.

I agree with Vman… You probably spend about five-ten minutes posing that…
(Things of screen doesn’t count, unless the effect is visable)
Though, faceposing, and eyeposing is a pluss :slight_smile:

If nobody gets it I do, Asian Men=tiny penises Female Gmodder= holding giant physgun

The arrow is firmly in the bullseye


And might i add the exact same thing in the picture happened online, i said i was a girl when questioned about my model and the Asian-model using guy got pissed off saying “THERE ARE NO GIRLS ON GMOD” And he twatted me with the crowbar when i said i was

I was sure there was a point here somewhere. Zilo got it first.

I should have known. Just look at how japanese games overcompensate with ridicules large swords. And we know why:)

Yep, dead center correct.

why would someone be furious about someone being a girl playing gmod with him?
in real life it would be “OMG UR A GURL? UR VOICE SOUNDS HOT! SEND ME A PIKTURE!”

isn’t the picture sort of pointless, seeing as you’re just making a point

no pun intended if there was one