Why you shouldn't host with NFOServers.

So, essentially what happened is we decided to go to NFOServers for our (coded by me :3) bhop server.
(Releasing the gamemode soon)

Essentially the story goes, we saw a lot of good reviews for this host, NFOServers. I already knew what they were and had an idea they offered the tickrate change from servers on CS:S and GMod that are hosted with changed tickrate. We had no clue that this would happen and supposedly because it isn’t written that they support it for a specific game but support it for other games with supposedly higher prices:


It’s their policy and their right to deny your request. Rent a VDS as recommended if you want full control.

It’s not written ANYWHERE within their site.

As if I’d want to pay a lot extra money, for 1 server on a quality VDS when shared server is a clearly more appropriate option.

That and the fact they managed to asspull about 3 reasons that were not relating to that BEFORE saying this.

They. Don’t. Support. It.

What the fuck is so hard about that?
If I buy fries, I can’t ask for them to put more in the bag with the reason “all you have to do is put them in the bag”. You get what you paid for.


Otherwise, NFO is a great host. Best in the US in my opinion.

Honestly, more people should start using remote desktop connecton/dedicated servers as opposed to web hosts. You have complete control of your server, although I understand some hosts might not want to because you’re on your own if shit breaks.

But I can pay McDonalds to “put more fries in the bag” NFO refused payment for a tickrate increase

Because they don’t want to be solicited?
I don’t think that they’re required to take your money for something they don’t offer.

Something they didn’t write at all on any page that they don’t offer.

You expect them to write out a list of everything they don’t offer?

Anyways, I think this could be closed lol.

gmod runs like trash at a tickrate of 100, stop being a dick to people that know what they are talking about

Depends on the circumstance, in bhopping for example you’d want a 100 tickrate for the jump timing not to be plagued by the most random “bad jumps” and unsmooth strafing. AFAIK with shooting and hotboxes though it fucks shit up. Of course I’m not looking to have good hotboxes I’m looking for good bhop mechanics.

Yeah, I guess I was being a dick but it doesn’t change the fact that support took a lot of messages to actually answer the fact they couldn’t increase tickrate due to a policy limitation.

Makes sense why he won’t, he doesn’t want CPU usage to spike on your server and cause the other servers to have poor performance.

Also, saying NFO is a bad host based off of one thing is stupid.

There’s a lot of good about NFO. The DDoS protection being the main thing that I absolutely love.

This thread can be closed but i’m certain that NFO should improve their support system to be less frustrating and repetative. I got a little annoyed because I saw a huge flaw in their support.

Some guy’s DDoSed my server, and now they’re upgrading the entire Chicago network to have null routes in mere seconds. It’s amaaazing.

Lol, not sure if sarcasm. They’re null routing you in seconds? How’s that good?

I think I really am misinterpreting what you’re saying. Do you mean they filter attacks in mere seconds?

And sorry for going off topic.

What? NFO has some of the best customer support in the business, I’d definitely recommend them if you have a bit of cash to spare.