What is the practical use for an assembly language for gmod’s wire?

E2 is an incredibly useful tool for contraptions. Everyone knows that. But i wonder, when we have that, do we have any use, whatsoever, for the cpu and its language?

Is there anything that can be done with zasm that cannot be done with E2?
Is there anything that can be made better/simpler/bigger with zasm compared to E2?

I know E2 perfectly well, and i understand how zasm works, as i have previously tried to learn assembly for a graph calculator, though i couldnt write a functioning program for it.

CPU is faster.


Apparently the only thing that CPU can do that E2 cannot, is efficient self-rewriting code. Oh, and CPU emulation, since for some odd reason many people try to do that with E2.

CPU isn’t about being useful, it’s about emulating a cpu and being a smug-face that you know assembly.

If, however, you are making a computer and/or want to try some OS development, CPU is the chip for you.

Also it’s more fun IMHO.

Okay. Nice.

Someone told me that the cpu is better at handling large amounts of data, i assume this to be true too.

Thanks for the answer.