Why Zombies Were Removed

I made a video of why they removed zombies but the audio is messed up and really quiet, but if you with to check it out feel free.

To summarize it, zombies were removed because rust does not want to be a dayz competitor but rather be sold along side it. Basically its business but they want the game to be unique to themselves and not be so much of a competitor with dayz. They also dont want to keep building on the foundation of the game with zombies being in it. As it sells more and more people get attached to the zombies, once they are removed people will get pissed like they did now, and they don’t want that. Don’t worry though, zombies will be back in a week or two, re-skinned and called "mutants’. Hopefully a few new ones will be added. We will have to wait and see.

Why wouldn’t you just fix the audio before you posted it?

It doesn’t matter if Rust continued to have zombies or not. Rust and DayZ are two completely and massively different games. The most they have in common is the overarching theme of survival+zombies. (at least they did) I could take pretty much any Rust vs. DayZ argument and substitute Minecraft for DayZ and it would be the EXACT same argument. My favorite one is how people are like soooooo much meaner in DayZ. Oh man…that one makes me laugh every time.

DayZ has already sold over 1.3 million copies. Rust is still trying to break a million. It’s not in competition with Rust. Rust isn’t in competition with DayZ. Both developers have said as much. Bohemia Interactive is not losing money and neither is Facepunch. Both companies have already made far more than they imagined they would over the lifetime of their games. Both games although being still in Alpha, have been a massive success so far. You won’t get the same game experience in one game or the other.

DayZ is far more unforgiving than Rust, not to mention server admins don’t get to teleport around the map, spawn anything, activate invisibility, godmode, etc. The only thing server admins get to do is set a few options on the server, kick/ban players and restart or rollback the server. Kicking/banning people for killing them is prohibited and will get them in trouble and give them a bad reputation to boot. When you die in DayZ, you start over with nothing but a flashlight and basic clothes. (Personally, I think the flashlight is generous) The same people you see complaining about dying or getting killed in Rust…multiply that by…A LOT for DayZ. I’ve heard all the carebear tears about how hard DayZ is and how every person you see will kill you and how it’s just a constant deathmatch. Those are generalizations by people without imagination. (and by people who run straight down roads, through the middle of towns and waltz up to airfields expecting to get hugs) I like DayZ BECAUSE it’s so heartless, cold and unforgiving.

So…a lot of people harbor a lot of ill feelings about DayZ because it doesn’t powder your bottom and tell you you’re special. You can’t just plop down a shelter in the middle of DayZ and yell, “Nyah, Nyah!” while you stand behind a door with a gun. It’s not for everyone. The same could be said of Rust.

Rust is made by creative and thoughtful people who have better ideas than clique video-game zombies.

This was the BEST decision Facepunch could make.