wich are the minimun requirements of rust?


None currently specified. Game is too early in development for anyone to determine.

a computer

Min 2gb ram and 512mb/1gb video card, unofficial.

Closer to three gigs of ram, and regarding Video RAM, it really depends on the card. Before I had two titans, I had a GTX 760, and that ran it just fine.

Well, let’s see. (Not starting some spec war or any battle on who has a better PC)
My Specs:
8GB Ram
GTX660 1.5 GB VRAM

Well, I’m running on Fantastic at a min of 70 FPS and a max of 110 FPS. So, if your around my general area, you should run it alright. Maybe I’ll grab a crappy pc nearby and start doing benchmarks on several PCs to find out what the bare minimum would be for this game.

I can play on a laptop with no graphics card and an i7 processor.

If I had to guess I would say around… (for quality purposes)

Quad core 3.0ghz+
GTX 650 ti
4gb ram+

I think that could get you fairly solid fps. My rig is on the high end side so I don’t worry about this much.

Tested it on a Pentium III laptop I had sitting around (actually does have steam surprisingly,) did not work. So if you have something around there,then sorry no rust for you :v:

What’s your frames on that? I’d assume it should be decent on integrated graphics running off a i7.

I max at like 20, which isn’t bad for me (Doesn’t really lag, never had more on this computer so I don’t know if that’s total shit or not)

20 is something that would not be considered “good” by some standards. Your FPS would be playable, but some people would want it up at 60 at the very least. FPS is a personal preference, obviously, so everyone’s standards will vary.

My computer is a intel core 2 duo CPU T6600 @ 2.20Ghz
Ram 4GB
Graphic Card Nvidia Geforce G102M Cuda 512MB

How much FPS would it run it guys =( ?

The early GeForce 100 series is basically a rebranded late 9 series. With 512 MB VRAM, you will not get much, and it is a severely outdated card. Core 2 Duo @2.20 GHz might help, but I am going to venture the guess that it will not run at all, or run around 5 FPS or so