wich do i need

hey guys, i was wondering wich mods i need to play maps cuz sometimes it says like error option read or something like that. links will be appriciated since i do not know wich mods are un needed.

It’s a game thing, not mods. What Source games do you own?

no its maps but it does not work whit evrymap. i have all the half life episodes. (i also have css and tf2 but they somehow do not work anymore, not planning on re-installing)

Which map(s) are not working?

alot of maps use css reinstall that

Raptor Jesus Christ I usually am not a grammer Nazi as my spelling is not always the best but you really should read what you type before you post it. You can find most mods/maps at www.garrysmod.org

dude i’m not english and i only use it when i’m needed to. as for the maps that do not work here’s one http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=54128 and i removed the other one so it does not really matter. note that it does not happen whit each map so i thought it might be because i do not have wiremod or something. also i’m not downloading wiremod because it has been reported and i’m not taking any chances

Then use the svn

thanks, the map still does not work tho anyway thanks for your time and help!

Reinstall CSS

i will just as it might get someone to a solution here’s what it says(remember i have to translate this so it might be odd). here goes ‘’ the instruction on 0x0fc73e2 asks for memory on 0x0d93a1a0 the read or station(dunno if this is how its said in english) read on the memory has failed click on ok to shut down the program ‘’ dont think anyone will be understand that lol anyway maybe someone does.