Wicked Heavy Metal Concert (along with some other pictures I made)

Howdy Folks, :clint:
Made this one for the “Badass”-Contest.
Although i have doubts about it being “badass” (somhow, nobody over there really is :raise: ), i still think it looks good enough to be presented. At least it’s not so god-damn run of the mill and generic. :rolleyes:

Now, let’s have some music to enhance the mood a bit.

(I deliberated long about a matching song so please do me the favor and listen to it, thank you :love:)

Finally, let’s get to the pictures.


I also made a 'lil extra work, one shot from each of the three musicians and edited them.
I think Francis (Guitarist) looks on this one even better.


On the other hand though, i think i over did it with the filters on Bill (Bassist). :psyboom:


Since Faith (Percussionist) was not the focus on the main picture, i rushed her posing and the post production for this 'lil picture. It’s pure purpose is just to show you that i didn’t forget about a drummer, even though it was hard to recognize in the beginning.


(+Bonus+) :holy: (+Bonus+)

These two pictures are from Mr. Whitefolks last contest: “True Romance”.
Nver actually showed them outside of the contest.
FYI: the second one made it to second place. :biggrin:



Allright, so what do you think about all of this crap ?
Post all of your comments, ratings, critics or anything else that runs through your minds.
Thank you very much. :keke:

awesome man.

(and i judged for mr. Whitefolks and chose that second one for the romance :smile:)



The SHEFing makes the pictures rather muggy, but the posing and lighting is excellent.

Huh :hehe: … well whatta’ you know.
Thank you for that. :neckbeard:
I just thought all votes went to MasterFgh and Mr. Whitefolks decided the rest-places. :rolleyes:

Holy shit, I’m wearing the same shirt Bill is.

That is like, cute. ;3 :3:

Nice music. Some parts are low res. Nice overall. I lol’d at Francis’s faceposing.

I don’t know what SHEFing is but i guess it’s some sort of Photoshop-Filter, that has the same effects like the ones i used with Paint.Net. :biggrin:

Pure coincidence … I only looked for a skin, that looked less military and maybe more like “Rock 'n Roll”. :banjo:
I found this one with luck. :dance:

Where ? I can’t see it but maybe it’s because i know, that my graphics were all at maximum and so i assume it looks at it’s best.

Thank you for all of your comments so far, please post some more.:keke:

Nice posing all around. What map is the 5’th pic?

The 5th one ?
That was made on De_Wellness.
Just look at FPSBanana.com.

Thanks. It’s a beautiful map.

The sun sticks. Plus the guitar models. And you’re wulcome.

Yeah, the instrument models had a low texture resolution in the beginning, nothing i could do to change it. :rolleyes: