Wierd Commentary Editor or something

So i have played garrys mod for around 700 hours now.
But now suddenly everytime i startup my garry’s mod it shows something called “Commentary Editor”???
And it says i can switch to gamemode by clicking f10 and i did that i tought it was fine until i joined a server… When i joined a server it showed a little box on top right screen wich was of the actual gmod playing but everything else except that little box was still the commentary editor…

#1: http://imgur.com/XgIraLA
#2: http://imgur.com/FqJRJaG
#3: http://imgur.com/xnrk6bp

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appereantly someone told me it’s developer Systematics for gmod developers… But how i get rid of it…?

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So, i clicked f11 now and it got back to just the garrys mod screen but it still has that shit everytime i startup garrys mod…?

You’ve probably got “-tools” set in your launch options. If you don’t know how to modify them, check out https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1040-JWMT-2947.