Wierd glitch when decompiling and compiling mdl files

Everytime I decompile a mdl file and compile, the hand positions become broken and just rotates to the complete left or right
this also effects their animations


I use crowbar to decompile and compile

Compile it with the same QC as it was compiled with in the first place. Crowbar should supply it to you

I tried that but still ends up the same

In QC try adding ‘rotate -90’ or ‘rotate 90’ in each $sequence file.

Like this :


Ill try it

pretty sure thats not how it works, it rotates the entire sequence.

sadly doesnt

Actually, the screenshot didn’t load here first time i read the thread. Now I see it does not apply to the situation, sorry.

If you are using Blender, it is not that big of a problem to fix it. The problem with the animations themselves, you will have to adjust them, like, for every frame, you need to rotate the arm bones 90 degrees or so. You need to find out what is wrong in the first place and what you need to do in order to fix them, usually you just need to rotate some of the arm bones 90 degrees left or right, along the grid origin. You can do it manually (which can get kinda boring), or using some kind of a macro. What I did was I downloaded AutoHotKey, wrote a simple script (provided that you know how to code a bit) which will rotate the bones for you repeatedly in a matter of seconds, and re-export the animations.