Wierd movement lag

Every time i play the game, everything is running smoothly except for one thing. Other players and animals are moving jerkily. Everything else is fine. My computer can run the game, here are my specs:

-HD Radeon 7770 1GB
-AMD Athlon X3 II 2.70 Ghz

I couldn’t find anyone with the same problems… I can loot everything it’s just really hard to defend myself.

This is most likely just connection lag. What server are you playing on? How many people does it have on it?

I don’t think so. My friend is playing with me and he has no issue. I’m playing on a server with around 80 ping with 25-50+ players.

Im having this same problem also

Same for me.

Would like to bump this. I joined a server with 60 ping. Did a speed test results were 32 ping, 12.6 mbps down, 1.5mbps up. Still every moving object skips around (rolling item bags, animals, and players). Its not an FPS issue, I’m assuming it is some sort of ping issue but I have no idea what is causing it.

I have it all the time and it always seems to happen at the worst times. I could see a zombie in the distance then lag, then he’s chewing on me and im dead.

Other times it’s when I am hunting and im chasing a pig then he buggers off cause of lag

I turned off grass and still the same problem remains. Any ideas?

Anyone have a fix for this. The game is becoming unplayable. At this point, a guy with a rock could run at me and kill me even if I have a m4 because he will just teleport everywhere.