Wierd objects in game, or new signs of life?

I was walking around gathering resources one morning, when I ran into this object, it was hard to notice it before, and this is the first time seeing it.
I wanted to know if anyone else has seen this, or if someone knows who built it?

helk did

looks like a nice wooden statue

Helk Did this I was about to post a picture on it but you beat me to it.


We should pray and make sacrifice for it.
Bow before rustmother :d

Did he also add the white box of holy-ness?

I dont think so, Thats more of a graphical glitch I think

On the nopvp server, this little totem replaced the white box of holy-ness. :slight_smile:

Interesting… I guess the information for the objects helk places is eventually removed and a white box placeholder is all that’s left over.

Now that you mention that it makes a lot more sense.

lol, if the head wasn’t round I’d say that Rust is in danger of being invaded by the Darwinians!