Wierd Screen Freeze/Stutter - Glitch!


I am RustyBones and I have been having a major problem with Rust. Everyone 10 seconds I would freeze once or twice for a minimum of 2 seconds ( if I get that lucky ). It really ruins the game - I can’t PvP, can’t loot rad towns, and am getting to the point where I cannot even kill a simple animal. Is there a fix to this or just another bug that garry will ignore and use the good ole “It’s Alpha” excuse? Why even release a game that isn’t even playable?

“A Delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad” - RustyBones.

What are your PC spec’s? Have you disabled grass? Are you running any extra launch options (Force dx9 etc).

PC Specs:

Intel® Core™ i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60 GHz 2.60 GHz


System Type: 64-Bit Operating system

Yes, grass is disabled and I am getting near 40 fps when playing.

No, I am not running any extra launch options.

Guessing your using integrated graphics, so i doubt you are getting about 40fps. I don’t think integrated graphics will cut it very well :confused: Sorry man.

I’m not sure its his graphics card, because i have a Gefore GTX 755m and i’m having the same problem. I saw another thread that supposedly says if you disable your Realtek High Definition Audio, then this problem is fixed, but you wont have any audio from your computer… so idk what to do… :frowning:

What he said, and if possible can you tell me how to disable the audio? I would like to try it and see if it works, thanks! :smiley:

Go to device manager, scroll down to the tab that says “Sound, Video, And Game Controllers” then right click Realtek High Definition Audio, and finally restart your computer.

Thank You :slight_smile:

No problem, if anyone knows anything about this problem, even if its just a guess, please put it on here but this glitch makes the game near unplayable.

This just started happening to me last night…seemed to be when the server was really full

Even when I’m on nearly empty servers ( under 10 people on ) the glitch still occurs.


I found out a fix that works for me, im also running the game on my gaming laptop with a GTX 670M and a Realtek audio card. The audio card was the thing giving me freezes/lag spikes. The thing that worked for me was to simply plug in a USB headset into my pc (I made the audio still play out of pc speakers) and for some reason that fixed the freezing for me. So now when I play I just plug in the usb headset before starting up Rust and it works fine now

I dont understand how you get sound, i turned off the Realtek card, and the game works fine now, but how did you get it to work?

You keep the Realtek card enabled but disable the other ones (nvidia audio if you have it) for some reason plugging in head phones works to eliminate the stutters from the realtek card. I still use the laptop speakers for my sound but keep the headset plugged in

I tried disabling then uninstalling it, and neither works :(. Hopefully this will be taken care of in a near patch.

Happens to me too. I think it’s because im still breaking in my new PC but figured i’d still post.

Pc Specs
Amd Fx 8320 3.5 ghz ( 8 core )
Gtx 760
8 Gigs ram
Windows 7 64 bit.

Don’t think i should be getting the stuttering with this setup…

It’s sound/mic devices. Go to sound in your control panel and disable all of them but the main one. My internal mic and sound devices both contributed to heavy lag spikes. I now have a smooth 30 fps

I get 40-80 Fps no matter what but the game stutters bad when im just running down the road. I have uninstalled the realtek sound device but now no sound. So i have to use the headset port from my Yeti mic to hear everything…

Edit: The stuttering is better but still happens