Wierd Server Latency


I have a 32 slot Trouble in Terrorist Town server hosted in a datacenter in a state adjacent to me (New Jersey)

My concern is the ping. During normal rounds of TTT a players ping can be as low as 6. Whenever new rounds are starting or if the server finishes a restart (the server seems to freeze for a couple seconds) everyone pings can jump as high as 50 momentarily then drop down. (Players live in same town as me)

The server always displays this networking error, It may have to do with this:
**WARNING: Port 27005 was unavailable - bound to port 27011 instead
Network: IP, mode MP, dedicated Yes, ports 27075 SV / 27011 CL

When I will be hosting with hopefully 30 players, I want to ensure a low ping for everyone…

Thank You

The warning you are seeing is normal when running multiple servers from one box (shared hosts etc). Something else is using the default 27005 port so it bound to the next available, this won’t be causing your issues.

I’ve not personally played or ran TTT, but I imagine it’s doing quite a bit on the player spawn hook causing it to halt with many players. I’m seeing quite a few other threads on facepunch saying the same issues, so I guess it’s something to-do with TTT.

Are you running with any extra addons? If so, have you tried running without them?