wIERD Sound in game with headfones!

Hi Admins and all. I am getting this strange weird rushing sound in game when I have my headfones on. Dosnt happen when I have my speakers on though? My headphones are Sienheser USB…

Any advice help would be appreciated!

If you connect to my server here you can tell me if you get the same effect.
net.connect “”

On nice throw in a bit of server advertisement at the bottom :slight_smile: As far as im aware that is not a real problem? A combination of wind a sea. (I would like to let you know that you cannot advertise your server in this section of the forum. You have made 2 threads advertising it on here)

Try plugging your headphones into the back of your computer (assuming you are on a desktop,) as plugging into the front can give you feedback from internal components (Can’t explain how it works, just know from experience.)

Electromagnetic feedback can happen in the front or back of the pc, I once had an encounter with it (back line-in connector) and it was a PAIN to track down and solve. I eventually solved it, through sheer blind luck.

A bad ground can cause it, as can poor shielding on cables and connectors.

But I also experience a wind-like rushing sound at times, it’s probably just the ambient noise. The fact that your headphones are probably higher fidelity than your speakers and are closer to your ears contribute to it.

Interesting! I have never actually had issues plugging to the back.

You sure it’s not just the ‘waterfall’ sound which seems to appear out of no where and lasts for a random amount of time? I’ve noticed I only really hear it when I have headphones on, or my speakers up really loud. Not sure what causes it, but I hear it randomly throughout the map. If I try to move closer to it, it always appears to be coming from a random rock.

I think you’re referring to the “leaf rustle” sound. From what I understand it is meant to simulate the sound of wind blowing through a forest, and it plays at seemingly random times (I believe that it plays whenever you enter a forest but with a strong delay).