wierd square boxes???

Help , request

these sqare boxes appear when i shoot an NPC like replacing their blood with i donno particles?

like bloom effect

  1. It’s a missing texture problem. Something you added messed with the blood materials, and did so poorly. Just delete the vmt file and it’ll go back to normal. I think it’s particles/blood_mist/blood_mist.vmt, but it might be the effects/blood things. Delete those, gmod will revert to the default Half-Life ones.

  2. Why is this a poll?

  3. If you really want it as a poll, at least choose relevant answers. Only the first one is an actual answer.

  4. This isn’t a model request, this is a “help” thing. Next time, put it in “Help & Support”.

  5. Go download Firefox. Make sure the spellchecker is on. Then use it.

  6. Your keyboard seems to be missing some vital keys, like a period. The shift key seems to be acting up as well.

  7. “like bloom effect”? What? This has nothing to do with HDR. Particles are floating sprites, normally used for dust, water, rain, snow, falling ash, blood, etc. Bloom is what makes everything bright when you step out of the dark. (This isn’t 100% accurate, but it’s the most you’ll understand).

somehow your right about the keyboard .

First of all

the poll thing isn’t my idea


im new here


i dont know how to show you a picture that clearly shows what it is (well i have one . i dont know how to put it here


IT was already there when i purchased Gmod and downloaded it.

P.S. i dont see any bullets come out