Wierd Swep problem

Yesterday I decided to return to gmod after a long break. However, I noticed a wierd problem I am only encountering in gmod. When I go to use any swep the game sort of “toggles” my swep firing rather than just firing for the time I am holding down the left mouse button. It seems that if I hold down the left mouse button for longer than a second it sticks, if it is shorter than that the guns will work fine. This is really only a problem with auto guns and the physgun. It makes it extremely annoying to use guns and near impossible to use the physgun for anything.

At first I thought it may have been me having some wierd glitch with the server. However, it does this with any gamemode. I haven’t had this problem in another other games I own either. So the next troubleshooting step for me was to try another mouse. That also wasn’t the problem. So I’m currently suck on what to try next. I’m hoping someone here has some ideas.

Maybe some of the addons you downloaded before your break are messing up now due to updates. Try and remove them and do the verify integrity of game cache.

I have no addons. The only thing I have reinstalled is a content pack for a server that contains models and materials.

And can you tell me how to ‘verify the integrity of game cache’.

Go and open your Steam program. Right click on Garry’s Mod and select properties. A window should pop up. At the top of the window, there should be 3-4 menus. I believe in the last one of those menus, “Local files”, it should say “Verify integrity of game cache”, “delete local files” and “defragment game files” or something similar. On my iPad so it’s a bit hard to explain but it’s in the properties window somewhere.