Wierd water effect

now ive been droping a bunch of post asking for help on a lifeless water feture lacking surface reflection now i got the reflection back but it looks weird, basicly the water reflects but it doesnt do anything like imitate an actual ocean.
http://www.glowfoto.com/static_image/26-185247L/9731/jpg/09/2010/img5/glowfoto before
http://www.glowfoto.com/static_image/26-210612L/4574/jpg/09/2010/img4/glowfoto after

the bottom one is basicly like the way you see it in game here.

Well, posting pictures would probably be the first step.

use the link it goes to the steam support page where the images are scince i cant use imageshack for some reason.

You can not view other’s tickets, so everyone else but you sees an error

there that should fix it.


its on -dxlevel 81