Wii Bowling Accedents

When you first bought your WiiMote and Console there was games on your Wii that you wanted to play like sports. So you checked out the games and you saw bowling,
Then you moved your WiiMote to the bowling game, Started it up, And played bowling. You couldnt get enough pins hit down? All you had to do is to throw the bowling ball
harder than it is! But your WiiMote slipped out of your hand and Flung at the TV Screen and made the LCD Screen Crack up with all of the Screen Colours!

That explains why you should not play Bowling on a Wii with your FlatScreen 32 Inch TV. And by the way you might say
“Does Anybody have money to get me a flatscreen TV?” It was your fault of playing Wii Bowling

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I’m guessing you’re trolling, an idiot, or just confused.

i wasnt trolling

When since did were we able to break TV screens with wiimotes in Garry’s Mod?

if its possible to make a gmod short with it then i guess so but it has to be real life or in game i dont know

Leave that to somebody who doesn’t make dumb topics.

how do i make better posts then

Firstly wrong topic, secondly this is exactly what was in the news when the Wii came out, so im guessing false. If not you’re just simply an idiot.

Either way it’s bleak for you.

Does anyone know about the so-called “wrist strap”? I have, and I would use it if I have to swing violently with the Form Baton

i know all about it this topic only tells about wii motes not having a wrist strap

You’ve gotta be a gold member. Only gold members are allowed to make good posts.
Alternatively, use common sense.

I tried reading the OP twice
What on earth are you trying to say