Wii Imported Models and 3dsmax questions

Hi I am i have imported Leotard Peach from Mario and Sonic 2012 as i mentioned in a few posts before, I have a few questions for doing stuff in 3ds max.

I used BreesViewer to get the Model, and textures out of the game, saved it into a .PSK and the textures as .TGA files.

Here are my questions with 3ds max with Photo links to show you hat i’m talking about

  1. Are the ‘Spikes’ Supossed to be sticking out from her, from what i researched, i think its the bones, is this good for the model or bad? should i save it as a .FBX and reimport it instead?

Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/61745406@N07/8359413728/

  1. BreesViewer extracted more than a few files, They are:


Pea_F_M_Swim.psk ( Her Head only)

Pea_B_M_Swim.psk ( Her Body without the face)

Pea_F_L_Swim.psk ( The face again, the one i have been using along with…)

Pea_B_L_Swim.psk( Now the Body again, the other file i have been using along with Pea_F_L_Swim.psk and attaching it in 3ds Max)

Picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/61745406@N07/8359432572/

Any Help? Feel free to reply here and Add me on Steam to Chat with me to help me as wel! Thanks!

Ooh a Peach model, can’t wait.

first; as far as i can tell from the tiny picture, yes those are bones and they’re pretty fucked up. bones look like spikes but they shouldn’t stick out that far. the rig looks fucked up and probably needs to be redone.

second, i’m going to take a guess and say that M means medium and L means large. check the size; use the large textures. unless of course it’s completely different and one of them is the normal or spec or something. i don’t think wii has anything other than diffuse though.

The files seem the same to when I use them, so I use the “L ones” I deleted the Skeleton that exporting it to a .FBX file to and reopening it creates, I’m making bones instead of the ones it comes with,

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though also when I do the fbx thing I mentioned, it shows lines that look like bones but aren’t, I should delete these, right?