WiiU gamepad working on Garry's Mod

Sorry for the angle, it was meant to be a video that had two versions, one recorded with fraps and the other one with my cam showing the pad, but I lsot the fraps one.


I did something like that and was working on rendering on the pad, never finished though

I just wanted to test how it felt, one of the guys behind Dolphin is working a tool that lets you use a pc as a wii u gamepad, and also lets you use the gamepad on pc

Its not hard the WiiU supports canvas

it’s not a horrible terrible hack like the http one, they reverse engineered the wiiu gamepad, wich has no security

[video] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yt2-IRiWd40 [/video]

It doesnt use bluetooth iirc so neat, also none of the Wwii hardware is encrypted

Well holy fucking shit.

So would it be possible to to use the gamepad to touch and spawn items?

First we need to get streaming working, wich is kinda useless implying that dolphin team already did it

you can pretty much do anything you want with nintendo hardware. i got windos 95 running on my wii for the heck of it. it makes me wonder if nintendo even tries to protect their hardware, or just fail miserably on it.

I’m honestly impressed I must say.

The Wii U suddenly came to the worst console to an a good console wow I never knew it could do this.

The wiiu is actually a nice system, just bad marketing killed it

ohhh it ain’t dead yet