- expanding side menu annoyance

I’m not sure where to report this, but on, when viewing the Lua API by expanding the tree nodes on the left, if you then visit one of those sections, the whole page is re-rendered and the tree menu resets - so if you want to browse through the functions, you have to navigate back down the tree again on the left and try to find where you were.

I know it’s possible to open in new tab but… well, you know.

Strange, I’m pretty sure the menu used to re-open the page and section you’re on. Robotboy’s apparantly been messing with it recently, but I’m pretty sure he made no back-end changes.

Try CTRL+F5. It should expand to the page you have selected.

Not doing it for me.

Ok, this is actually a problem with the >> arrows I added yesterday, gonna fix that.

Works for me here - cheers Robotboy!