Wiki mod tutorials outdated?

So I went on the wiki to try and learn how to code in Garry’s mod and such, I’ve actually been learning quite a bit, probably not as near as a lot of people know. Anyways, I was working on creating a weapon selector with Derma, but I think the code is outdated. At first, I typed the code out, but it didn’t do anything, which I now assume was me mistyping something along the way, but then I just copy and pasted all the code and it worked somewhat. The console command was created, but apparently there’s something wrong with the “vgui”.

They have been outdated for months. I wish there could be some updated version, ready for offline purposes if needed, and managed through an SVN.

It isn’t the wiki’s fault, you are trying to create a derma panel on the server. You can tell since serverside errors are blue and clientside errors are yellow.

Ah, alright. I just noticed the wiki was created a long time ago. Wasn’t sure if it was because I was doing something wrong or how outdated of the article is an up to date Wiki, but there isn’t exactly a whole lot on there. you mean

Also, where would I place the LUA file I created? I used the same code. I placed it and both client or server at different times, and when it was in server, it would give a server error about vgui. When I put it in the client, it gives an error about the function or method “Give”

Lua file is awfully vague, what tutorial did you follow?

Sorry for not understanding, but what are you asking exactly? I used the tutorial in the link in the top post.

Someone please get down


Sorry, I didn’t mean DDoS it to hell. What I really meant is that contains quite outdated information and there is no chance to modify it. When people google something about gmod, they stumble upon, not gmod wiki. This keeps causing problems and misunderstanding.

I don’t think it should go down, just a very clear disclaimer that the information is likely outdated. The actual wiki is still missing a lot of useful information.

Good enough?

Should it be indexed by google and pop up in google search results? I think not.

Google looks for pages most relevant to the query given. If I were to disable google indexing people may potentially be send to the next most relevant mirror, which then won’t contain the warning I put up. Many pages on the official GMod wiki are empty after all and then my website becomes the next thing.
I personally wouldn’t care about disabling indexing even with over half a million page views a month, because I’ve decided for the common good and take losses in the hundreds if not thousands by not monetizing my visitors, but anyone could take advantage of the situation if I were to step out of my ‘mirror monopoly’ position.

In fact now that I thought about it and checked some facts, you’d almost call me crazy for not putting ads on there…?

Basically, Noi is pissed that he can’t rationalize properly and figure out differences between GM12 and GM13 ( that were talked about by garry more than substantially ) and can’t be arsed to figure out what’s different and make a mental note.

I think anyone with half a brain uses both and compares and contrasts all the information and uses whatever works.