Wiki Still Down

Updated News:
It appears that Garry has indeed replaced the old wiki with a completely empty new instance, however, registration is disabled at the moment. The new wiki is currently located at An ETA until it will be usable is not known to me at the moment.

Old Post:
The wiki is still down, and I have not seen an official posting as to why. Is there any chance someone knows when Garry will be bringing it back?
The cached versions are better than nothing, for sure, but they are irritating to navigate, and it’s hard to find the pages you already know about, let alone obtain information you have yet to see, hence the reason for my post.

I feel as if it will probably be back up once the beta has finished, and that way they can finalize things on it? I’m not fully sure.

The wiki will be wiped as it was filled with useless content like DarkRP documentation.
All we have now are the back ups.

I had seen several changes on it before it went down that noted that they were v13 specific, so I doubt that was the reason… But it could be. Any change Garry himself might reply?

The Temp wiki is hard to work with.

Exactly why I hope for the real one to come back, or at least an official word as to why it is not.

So we go from having one amazing (if bloated) wiki to having one with the same content but no dynamic functionality and another with dynamic functionality, but no content.

The old wiki sucked.
The searching I did to find the stupidest functions was just terrible.

Well, time to start filling the new Wiki!
Once, that is, Garry allows registration…