Wild West Modeler Requested (Will pay)

Hi. Basically I need someone to be able to make player models for a wild west type thing. We use tiramasu 2 if that means anything. Basically I need stuff like Sheriff, Deputies, a Mayor, townsfolk, bounty hunters, outlaws, some native americans. Stuff like that. I’m not sure how much this sort of thing costs so I apologize ahead of time. If anyone’s interested either post here or shoot me a pm.

Mainly it’d be nice if it could be compatible with citizen models, i.e. one could put on hats on citizens, and just have like dusters and whatnot. I’m fairly sure with Tiramasu 2’s “costume maker” thing as long as we have -a- model we can put on anything below the head, but not sure how heads work.

Yes I’m sorry for my creative ignorance, thus my need of a modeler.

Thanks in advance!

Plasmid: Currently commissioned to handle the “duster” model.

I might be interested in making some dusters and ponchos.

Fantastic! Feel free to add me on steam, The Cyberrabbi.