Wild-West themed citizen skins.

Alright, originally I needed headhacks of FoF models until I was informed that the FoF team frown upon people using their assets.

Now, the original job I wanted doing appeared to be quite a bit of work by itself but now I fear the job is even larger, apologies.

For a gamemode project set in the American West I need some quality playermodels.
Please could you do a few hexes and reskins of the male citizens loosely matching these references. Preferably as many colour variations and combos of the items as you feel up to doing:
[img_thumb]http://www.sutlers.co.uk/acatalog/RB032DGreyNV.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://www.sutlers.co.uk/acatalog/RB030FNV.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://www.sutlers.co.uk/acatalog/arizonawaistcoatmulti.jpg[/img_thumb]
[img_thumb]http://www.sutlers.co.uk/acatalog/dboil2.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://www.sutlers.co.uk/acatalog/rb5030NV.jpg[/img_thumb]
Pants should be similar to this reference if possible:

You could add hats (setsons/bowlers etc.) if you want to but if possible could you use bodygroups (correct me if that’s the wrong term) to allow me to toggle them? It could be an interesting feature if players were to have hats and things they could toggle or lose if shot etc.

I would be very grateful for any effort and time you can lend to help me out.

Surprised someone hasn’t done this kind of stuff already.

Yeah. I’m hoping the recent hype over Red Dead Redemption will produce some nice Western themed assets I could use for mapping or something.

Sorry, bump. Here’s an idea though, if you can hex the male citizens so their shirts are tucked in and make sure they have at least 5 skin choices I can take it from there and do the texturing so at-least they have a waistcoat and shirt.