Wild West

My idea is a gamemode specifically “Cowboys and Indians”, which might sound a bit childish, but I’ve been thinking about this and… why hasn’t it been done?

Wildwest gamemode

Cowboys vs Indians (But not 100% war, mini jobs from NPCS and things included)
Selection of different player models (C.B & I)

Jobs may include: Retrieving stolen things from the enemy (E.G Money, cattle, horses etc)

Weapons: Cowboys are pretty sorted as MadCows has a certain group of weapons which seem to PERFECTLY fit cowboys. Indians are harder, you would need someone to be able to create bows, knives, etc etc…

(Note: Maps would be needed, specifically designed with new models and textures, fitted into Hammer preferably (I would be able to make my own maps, but erm… I need certain things (see above)))