Wildlife in rust

Hello guys,

I want to talk about wildlife in rust. Wildlife in rust is not special and its prety boring. and yes i know that rust is still alpha and there will be more in the future but i still want to talk about it.

The wolf is not so strong but it is fast and it can kill you prety fast (if you are a naked). It will be nice to see the wolfs in packs. because there not to stong this will be a harder objective for the players.

Bears are strong and big. there the only animals that are scary in rust. It feels more intense if a bear is running behind u. That is what i like in rust. I hope that will not change. The bears are the only not boring part of the wildlife atm.

pigs, dears, chicksens and horses are just food for the rust players. I would like to see that pigs are figting back some times.

some new pretators will be nice in rust. Like the terror bird, it sound maybe stupid but i think it will be very cool. They are just huge and very strong. you can work togheter to take them out bec they are always in a small groups. If you are done with base building and there is no pvp action you can just go hunting with your friends. hunt the birds and get some nice loot.

Just a idea :slight_smile:

If you have ideas for the wildlife of rust just tell me. I like to read it.

Once they figure out how how colliders work I’m sure animals will get better.